Issue 224 – Punks


DRUMMER’s always done what we want, how we want—the very definition of punk.

And when we talk punks we’re not just talking skins we’re talking trash boys, filthy animals and gutter guys. The kinda guys who go cruising in broad daylight on an Easter Sunday in Berlin’s most famous park. (“Parkschwein”). Guys who duct tape each other on rooftops and fuck where they squat (“Slava’s Boys”). Guys who like getting in kiddie pools filled with cake batter for the kinda messy mansex they wished they saw on Nickolodeon. (“GUNGE!”). We also get into one Irishman’s journey from baby face to bleachers (“Pride Not Prejudice”) and even dig in the crates for a special reprint from Issue 175 (look it up).

Urban Dictionary says “Punk is about liking what you like, being yourself, saying what you think and FUCK ALL THE REST.”   Doesn’t get more DRUMMER than that.