Issue 222 – The Cowboy Issue


“Homo On The Range.” “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.” “Bareback Mountain.” Ranch life holds more than a few naturally-occurring kinks (and some not-so-natural but hey, ‘any hole’s a goal’).

Everyday tools like rope, whips and pitchforks make for BDSM standards: bondage, impact play and.…”toys”. Not to mention all the other stuff that naturally comes to mind when you’ve got men working up a sweat around large virile beasts.

Tales about that ‘first time at the rodeo’, ‘Thieves’ taken for a ride — we even change gears and head to Germany for a little “bauernhofleben.” It’s all in here. Plus this issue’s DRUMMER comic, our D/s columns—Boy In The Corner along with the new “Daddy’s Lap,” and of course, Tough Customers.

Saddle up farm fuckers…

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